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Spring has started in the Willamette Valley which means….its Allergy Season.

The weather is beautiful, the air in your house no longer needs heating as often and you will need cooling soon to help you sleep better at night, but when you open your windows, eyes start to water, throats start to burn, coughing and wheezing can occur…thanks to the thick blanket of pollen outside.

Your heating and cooling system help filter the air you breathe and can help improve your indoor air quality during allergy season – as long as it’s regularly maintained (meaning checked, cleaned and tuned).

Running a dirty system, especially with a dirty filter not only lowers the quality of the air you breathe, but it also makes your system work harder and less efficiently. Working harder (imaging trying to breathe through a pillow) adds extra stress on your system which can lead to component and system failure – usually when you need it most.

Schedule your spring maintenance now to get your system checked, cleaned and tuned. For a special time, while supplies last, you can also have a whole home Air Scrubber purification system installed into your ducted or ductless system for only $695 (regularly $1000) when you schedule the Air Scrubber install at the same day and time as your Spring Maintenance visit. Visit Air Scrubber for more info and how Active Pure Technology can help improve your home’s indoor air quality (reduces dust, removes allergens, pollutants, bacteria, viruses both in air and on surfaces!).

And if you don’t have air conditioning, but suffer from allergies, now is a great time to take advantage of our Spring AC Special and financing offers to make adding cooling or upgrading an old heating system to a high-efficiency heat pump system with both heating and cooling a comfortable reality.

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If you would like to schedule a spring maintenance appointment, call us today at 541-747-7445 or request service online. We provide maintenance and service to Lane and Linn Counties and have PPE safety protocols in place to help ensure our customers and Service Technician’s safety during the pandemic.

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