Is My Furnace Short Cycling? What is Short Cycling?

Heating system in the house basement, a plumber is installing and checking the boiler

Short cycling basically means short run times and short off times, that your furnace is turning on and off quickly and thus not providing the heat that your Oregon home needs.

It can happen for a number of reasons. A furnace that is too big for your Eugene or Springfield home is often the culprit. When your home heats too quickly, it also cools down too quickly causing your furnace to turn on and off too much. If this is a new problem with and older furnace that has worked for you well in years past, size probably isn’t your issue.

Another problem is a dirty air filter. You must make it a habit to check your air filters. If your filter is dirty and clogged, it restricts air flow which causes your whole HVAC system to run less efficiently. This is one of the leading causes of short cycling. Change your air filter according to the manufacturers instructions but make sure to check it once a month and change it if it is dirty.

A faulty thermostat can also cause a furnace to short cycle. Double check your settings and make sure that it is working correctly. Take note of the environment that your thermostat is in. Is it in the sun? Is it in the shade? The warmth of the room will affect the readings on the thermostat.

Less likely but still possible reasons for your furnace short cycling is a corroded flame sensor or foreign objects getting lodged in your vents.

Short cycling can cause irreparable damage to your furnace if not investigated and corrected right away. It also leads to an increase in your utility costs.

Contact Marshall’s today for preventive maintenance before you furnace starts to short cycle, or call us at 541-747-7445 to repair a furnace that isn’t performing the way it should.

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