Fireplaces in Eugene and Springfield

Gas, wood, pellet or even electric; which is right for you? Marshall's can help you find the ideal hearth product solution that can efficiently heat any room, or even your whole house. We can also help you with outdoor heating options! There are a variety of hearth products to choose from; both visually pleasing and function with high efficiency.

Wood, Pellet and Gas Fireplaces at Marshall's

Gas Fireplace in Eugene, Springfield, Oregon Wood Fireplace. Perhaps you prefer a more rugged approach to your ideal fireplace? Even today's wood burning inserts, stoves and fireplaces come with many innovative choices that are both practical and energy efficient.

Pellet Fireplace. Pellet stoves and inserts can warm a room or your whole house with simple installations and low fuel costs. You would be surprised with the look and feel of a new pellet appliance to keep your home warm and cozy.

Gas Fireplace. Gas fireplaces inserts and stoves offer the realistic look of a wood fire with the ease and low maintenance of gas. High efficiency, ease of use and lots of looks to choose from make gas a great choice for your new hearth product.

Electric and Outdoor Fireplaces at Marshall's

Outdoor Fireplace in Eugene, Springfield, Oregon Electric Fireplace. With an electric fireplace all you need is a nearby outlet to enjoy the warmth and soothing mood of this fireplace. Just plug it in and let its ambiance pour over you.

Outdoor Fireplaces. Transform the outdoors into living space, or even a simple but comfortable socializing area. Outdoor fireplaces are one of the hottest new concepts in the housing market today that create a fun and functional outdoor space. In addition, outdoor fireplaces add value to your home.

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