Ductless Systems in Eugene and Springfield

Ductless heating and cooling systems are one of the most popular and effective options available on the market today. Marshall's proudly carries and installs these high efficiency systems that could be the ideal option for your home.

Ductless heat pumps can efficiently heat and cool from one-to-eight areas of your home, with each zone having its own individual temperature control. This means you can efficiently heat and cool the areas you use the most. This saves you energy and money over conventional forced air systems. Marshall's experts will consult with you in your home and answer all your questions on this great technology.

Eugene and Springfield's Certified Ductless Master Installers are at Marshall's

Marshall's is your local full service ductless heat pump expert. We are certified Northwest DuctlessMaster Installers, so you can be sure of a high quality professional installation. Most installations are done in one day with minimal interruption to your schedule. We take care of all aspects of the installation including permits, electrical, and utility paperwork. That aspect alone is a big convenience for our customers.

What is a Master Installer? A Master Installer has proven experience with ductless systems and provides thorough customer support. These installers have successfully completed Quality Assurance Inspections, a high level of technical installation training, and agreed to rigorous series of best practices. A ductless system installed by a Master Installer will include attention to equipment performance, appearance and thorough customer education. In short, you are in the very best hands with Marshall's.

Easy, Low Cost Installation and Monthly Savings with Ductless Systems

A ductless heating and cooling system can easily be installed as a new primary heat source for electrically heated homes. Ductless systems heat and cool homes for a fraction of the cost of baseboard and wall heaters.

In addition, these high efficiency systems allow you to retain a room's original aesthetic by not requiring expensive and invasive ductwork. Installation is as simple as mounting indoor and outdoor units, hooking up a refrigerant line through a three-inch opening in the wall or ceiling, and making a few electrical connections.

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