Air Conditioning Maintenance in Eugene and Springfield

With high quality maintenance and repair work provided all over Eugene and Springfield, along with cost-effective maintenance plans and around-the-clock emergency service, Marshall's has acquired an excellent reputation for customer satisfaction. We take that reputation seriously and we not only strive to maintain it, but to build on it as well. Marshall's offers preventative maintenance that can make system repairs a rare need for your home.

Preventative Maintenance for Cooling Systems

Cooling System Preventative Maintenance in Springfield, Oregon It's recommended that every type of air conditioning system receive preventative maintenance with annual tune-ups each spring. That way you can ensure that your cooling system will be at peak performance during the hot summer season. For ductless split systems with heat pumps it is advisable to schedule preventative maintenance for the fall season as well, before you switch to heating for the winter. Preventive maintenance accomplishes much for your air conditioning system. It keeps the efficiency rating of your home as high as possible, and it minimizes the need for any major repairs. Above all, you save money and prolong your cooling system's life expectancy.

During maintenance calls our technicians will inspect your system for any signs of wear and tear. In addition, we will change and clean filters, tighten up electrical connections, inspect your air handler and ductwork, clean coils, and lubricate all moving parts in your cooling system.

Air Conditioner and Cooling System Repairs

Preventive maintenance will go a long way in keeping your cooling system at peak performance. However, repairs are inevitable at some point in your cooling system's lifespan. On those occasions Marshall's is readily available, around the clock, and capable of completing repairs promptly. Our technicians are trained to repair any major type of air conditioner and cooling system components.

Should you begin to experience any unusual decreases in efficiency or an increase in the cost of your electric bills each month, these could be signs of a potential problem occuring. Contact Marshall's immediately and we can complete minor repairs before issues become costly.

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